SuperMap iPortal 9D is a GIS portal platform for integrating, searching, sharing and managing GIS resources and it's an important part of Cloud&Client Integration technology. It has advanced technology and capabilities, such as zero code visualization customization, multi-source heterogeneous services registration, system monitoring dashboards. It contains multiple Web APPs, such as MapEditor, IdataInsights, SceneViewer, AppBuilder, etc., to help users easily making thematic maps, doing data visulization analysis, browsing scenes without any plugins and creating applications based on templates. With which you can quickly build a Cloud&Client Integration portal site for all levels of geographic information platforms.

Getting Started

New iPortal users can read Product Introduction for a quick idea of the product, and follow the steps in Installation Guide to install iPortal. Then Configure License and start iPortal service. Administrators can start from Getting Started with Administrators to manage portal, and normal users can start from Getting Started with Ordinary Users.

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Using GIS Portal

iPortal provides the capabilities to integrate, search and share multiple GIS resources. The ordinary portal users can Search Resources, Share Resources, Apply Resources, Authorize for Resources, Create Maps Online, Register Services, Host services, Use Groups, Use Scenes as well as Personal Center management; developers can use the secured services with the right Key, and can also integrate the maps in portal in their own Web applications by using JavaScript SDK.

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Managing GIS Portal

Administrators can log in to portal management system to Configure and manage the portal site. Such as, Configuring Proxy Functions for the Registered Services to control the multi-source service permissions uniformly; managing the Maps, Services, Scenes, Data, Apps, Groups and Users; Authorizing for the Management Modules to refine portal management permissions; Configuring and Using Organizational Structure to implement managing resources according to department; performing Monitoring and Statistics to the change of users and the usage of resouces.

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Customizing GIS Portal

iPortal offers Developer Guide to help users quickly customize the GIS portal platform.

Users can customize the portal interface via Homepage Customization function very quickly; and can use the portal basic functions by using REST API and Java API, see: API Reference; and can also customize the portal in deptch by referring to Sample Code, including Customizing the Front-end Pages, Cutomizing and Developing New Resources, Integrating Existing Account Systems, etc,.

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Appendix provides users with some auxiliary reference information to help users better understand and use iPortal.

It includes SuperMap GIS Foundamental Concepts, Supported EPSG Code, Glossaries, Client GIS Functions, etc.

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