Cloud GIS Web Client Development Platform

SuperMap iClient for JavaScript 9D is cloud GIS web client development platform. Based on the brand new Web technology, it is the unified JS client of SuperMap's four carriage and online GIS platform products. It integrates the leading open source map and visualization libraries, and the core code is fully open source with the Apache2 protocol, connecting SuperMap with the open source community. It provides features of big data visualization, real-time streaming data visualization, and achieves professional and smooth display and spatial analysis both in browsers and on mobile devices.

Best practices for open source products

Fully integrates with LeafletOpenLayersMapbox GL JSEChartsMapV etc. map libraries and chart libraries, avoiding repetitive learning and cost input

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Modern WebGIS

Completely rebuilt based on H5、WebGL、WebSocket、ES6、RequireJS、ReactJS and other modern Web technologies

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Open architecture,Open source kernel

iClient for JavaScript 9D core source code is released based on Apache License 2.0 Open Source License Agreement and it can be downloaded and distributed from githuboschina

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Big Data Visualization

Provides unified API and visualization for distributed analysis services, real-time data services, etc. of SuperMap iServer 9D Support heat map, honeycomb map, grid map, scatter map, vector tiles and other visual rendering methods for big data.

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Easier to Use

Unify service access and security authentication interfaces of SuperMap iServer、iExpress、iPortal、iManager、Online services to provide users with a simpler and more easy-to-use API and more features

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Integrate with Turf.js, providing users with calculation ability at the client side such as spatial analysis, topology analysis, equivalent analysis, measure analysis and so on. This makes it possible for a variety of common spatial operations to be done quickly at the client side without connecting GIS services

Integrate with 3D thematic map, global wind map and more visualization effects of ECharts / ECharts GL / D3.js libraries, continuing to strengthen the cool visual effects based on the version 9D.

Modularized the code, supporting modularized reference by using import grammar in JavaScript ES6 standard during the development

Release the npm project. The url is:

Release the English version. The product introduction, example, APIDoc and other pages of the official website support both Chinese and English

Optimizations of official website: support of multiple versions(9.0.0/9.0.1/dev), easier navigation, more optimized waiting style and popup style of examples, etc.


Complete the infrastructure reconstruction; open source + open; fully integrated with other commonly used map libraries and charting libraries such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, Mapbox GL JS, ECharts, MapV to avoid the user's repetitive learning and cost input

Support access to SuperMap iServer 9D distributed analysis Services, providing density analysis, grid aggregation analysis, single object query analysis, region summary analysis, vector clipping analysis, buffers, topology validator, overlay geo, summary attributes functions

Support access to address matching services of SuperMap iServer 9D, providing forward matching and reverse matching functions

Support access to SuperMap iServer 9D real time data services

New visual effects of time series heat map and flight monitoring effects based on ElasticSearch

Support Mapbox Vector Tile standard, providing users with more map styles to freely change styles at the client side

Add high efficiency point layer, supporting efficient and fluent rendering of 100,000+ point elements in the browser

Integrate with commonly used ECharts visualization effects: scatter map, migration map, heat map, line map, line effects, polyline chart, histogram, pie chart

Integrate with data visualization Open Source Library MapV, providing the honeycomb map, commuting map, strong boundary map, migration map, dynamic trajectory map, the polygon drawing, line drawing and massive point data drawing functions

Integrate with OSMBuildings to implement visualization of building stereo effects

New cache switch control to allow users to switch among different versions of cache on clients

Easier access to maps configured in SuperMap iPortal and SuperMap Online by users

Unify the secure authentication interfaces of SuperMap iServer, SuperMap iPortal, SuperMap Online. Support for secure login and access to services or maps with token or Key

Completely new site: Easier sample demonstration